Tuesday, December 6, 2011

No. 167: OUR Voice

When I look at the origin of my Voice, when I listen deeply enough to hear the vibration of that place from where It comes, a magic happens that softens my soul and reassures my body: what appears to be separation between us is really just illusion.  My Voice, when I dive deeply enough into It, becomes Our Voice, one and the same with the Life Force which brings the mysterious growth of a seed, with the beams of sunlight and drops of rain carrying nourishment from a place which is always free.

This perspective brings enormous freedom from the typical stresses of a singer's life: the core of me, the Source of Voice, is always humming, always present, always here.  Competition, comparison, "right and wrong", "good and bad", disappear in this space, and all of life becomes about allowing more and more of this reality of freedom and connection.  Seen from this perspective, who would not run at any and every opportunity toward Freedom of Voice?  Seen from this perspective, singing is not just singing.  It is being at its best.

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