Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No. 152: Speak to me...

Speak to me 
of what It is to know 
what It is to breathe
the breath of Love 
through every pore 
as the truth of Life
flows through You 
in tides of Light--
and Your eyes, 
rimmed in stardust,
reflect the wisdom
of Nature.

Speak to me 
of the simplicity
of all things complex
where lifetimes are journeyed 
toward understanding
Who We Are
while all the while
You hold the answer,
nestled in Your every cell.

Speak to me of freedom
which comes with the authority
granted to You
by God Herself:
a position crowned in glory
by the flow of crimson blood
coursing through Your veins...
Your secret is plain to see
But, tragically,
only to those Who
witness: You bleed.

What if You are inside of Me...?

Then cut the chains,
and let Me fly
on the wings of glory
which take the giant sky
where hearts are healed,
immortality is sealed,
and Mother Earth reveals
all we need forever
in Eternity.

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