Thursday, November 18, 2010

No. 112

Prayer flags battered by the wind: 
In my heart there seems no relief
From the Belief 
That I must find some foothold on this night
Which seems the opposite of light.
Clinging to thoughts
Like pieces of frayed colored cloth:
These weapons of choice
Are impotent against the power of Life
They give no comfort and no advice...

So I listen to despair, my well-known friend,
And let go into the dark,
As my eyes, filled with tears,
Take in the stars
And they, in return, take me in.
Then despair, or hope disguised,
Turns to more colors of light
Than human eyes 
Could presume to know
As Truth beyond sight 
Deep in the night glows:

I am not only the prayer I breathe, I am the wind that carries it.
I am not only the stars I see, I am the skies that house them.
I am light, I am dark, and I am everything in between.
I am buffeted and beaten by the winds of Time and yet
I am the Love that tumbles on beyond it!
I breathe the Earth and it breathes me:

I am Artist, hear me sing!
Listen to me write! Watch me be!
And you will know
That you, too, are home 
To the Wind and the Stars
And the Sun and the Night,
And that who you are
Goes beyond every Plight
For who could fight
The Wind
And Win
When the Wind is Who You Are?

I dedicate this poem to the Tech Prep and W.A.L.I. members who so inspired me! Reach for the stars, for stars are what you are!  Love, Rebecca


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