Friday, August 27, 2010

No. 100

What is "Our Voice"? What is "Our Horse"? How can Spirit be so defined? What constitutes ownership of a piece of heaven?

Face to face with a Voice, any Voice, including our own, we may accept responsibility for loving, making safe, cherishing, and healing this Voice. When we embrace this responsibility we are Voice Whisperers who coax the shining truth of vocal beauty from a place that is sometimes far from truth. Ideally we are observers of Spirit in Song: a Voice which is free and beautiful, and which rejoices at being allowed to be, complete and true.

Face to face with a Horse, any Horse, not only our own, we are responsible for that Horse's happiness, security, joy, and well-being for the moments we are with it. We are Horse Whisperers who coax true ecstatic Beingness of Spirit from a place which is sometimes dark with the ignorance of humanity forcing beauty instead of allowing it. Ideally we are observers of Spirit in Fluid Movement: a Horse which is proud, aware, unafraid, and ecstatic for being alive.

Ownership is not having, it is allowing. We own no Horse if she does not want to be with us; we own no Voice if we do not muster the joy and all she needs to sing.

A Horse and a Voice call us to Heaven just by being who they are. Thank God.

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