Monday, March 30, 2009

Love, Trust, Honesty, Faith, Truth and the Universe

Love sees through layers of lies
With light: penetrating, lilting beams.
It caresses carefully created existences
And replaces replicas with reality.

Trust tells tales of torment:
To trust is to tear away
From fickle fantasy to face
The actuality of all embracing Love.

Honesty hopes for heartfelt humility
And hears only that which it honors highly,
That which we in wonderment want:
The ever-bright-light of Eternity on Earth.

Faith fears not for finally it finds
In a fellow follower of fearlessness, friendship
And confidence in clarity and creative
Impulse.  (Indeed it induces immaculate imaginings.)

Truth takes all things and turns them 
To teardrops of light tightly tuned to
God's vibrating visions of verity for
Us in ultimate understanding and wisdom.


  1. How can such a reality (for it is indeed a reality in you) not light up the universe. Thanks for these daily gifts!